Researcher Jen Wilson, historian Val Wilmer and drummer Sheelagh Pearson break new ground in this under-researched area and expose the hidden truth about the role of the pioneering women in early jazz.

R.I.P. Cosimo Matassa, pictured here at his Governor Nicholls Street studio in 1958. Obituary by John Broven. 

Cosimo at his Governor Nicholls Street studio in 1958.

R.I.P. Hopeton Lewis. This lovely track reemerged on an Island label 45 during the ska and rocksteady reissue boom inspired by the 2 Tone explosion. 

Story :

Wonderful listening. First broadcast in August 1971, number two of the three (of four) surviving programmes. Sessions by The Pretty Things and Greyhound; and tracks by The McCoys, Laramie (the very nice Farewell First Lady Of The Air, about Amelia Earhart), Jerry Lee Lewis, The Alberts (Morse Code Melody, announced by Prof. Bruce Lacey), Jim Reeves’ Old Tige (a wonderfully atrocious track which Neil Innes has recounted the Bonzos putting on repeat on hotel jukeboxes just before they left so that the remaining guests would have to suffer it), Hot Chocolate, The Beach Boys, Moondog, Chuck Thomas And His Dixieland Band (Oh Gee, Say Gee, You Ought To See My Gee Gee From The Fiji Isles) Freddie Bell & The Bell Boys, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, Tammy Wynette and more.

Laurel & Hardy’s 1983 minor hit Clunk Click.

Delta 5 on the BBC show Something Else. Date unknown : 1980 ?

Pato Banton with Ranking Roger : Bubbling Hot, released 1995.

R.I.P. Charlie Haden, here with Don Cherry, Dewey Redman and Ed Blackwell.